Point72 Ventures

Eva-Maria Olbers

Operating Partner

Silicon Valley / San Francisco

Eva-Maria Olbers is an Operating Partner at Point72 Ventures, supporting investment activities and working alongside our AI/ML and deep-tech-focused portfolio companies to assist them in their growth strategy and access to resources.

Prior to joining Point72 Ventures, Eva worked at the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in London, managing a portfolio of global startups across industries including AI, cybersecurity, and Finance. She previously worked as a consultant at The Boston Consulting Group, directly advising Fortune 500 companies, and at the Machine Learning startup Knewton. She is the former co-founder of STEMgem, an IoT company aiming to engage teenage girls in the STEM fields, and a winner of the Harvard President’s Innovation Challenge. 

Eva is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper and a selected invitee to the annual meeting in Davos. Originally from Germany and Luxembourg, Eva is conversational in seven languages, including Spanish, French, and Mandarin Chinese. 

My expertise is helping our portfolio companies grow post-investment.

I help our founders and CEOs on goal setting, OKRs, talent, and culture from an early-stage, and I work to impact the way they think about and plan for growth.  

Working to increase gender and racial diversity in AI and Venture Capital is a passion project of mine.

The politics and ethics of AI and what role we play as investors fascinates me. 

Disconnecting from technology helps me see things with fresh eyes.

To unwind, I go hiking in remote mountains, ideally without cell phone reception. I’m an ice climber and one of my happiest states is when I am fully immersed and focused on the ice wall ascent. This state is almost meditative for me. 

Let’s build bridges between Silicon Valley and Europe.

I only recently moved to the U.S. — I’m originally from Germany and Luxembourg — and I’m passionate about improving the innovation exchange between the two continents.