Point72 Ventures

Yonas Tesfaye


San Francisco

Yonas is a Technical Advisor to the Point72 Ventures Defense Tech team.  

He currently serves as Director of Product Engineering at Distyl, a Generative AI company focused on augmenting business operations of large companies. Throughout his career, Yonas’s work has ranged from helping build satellites and UAV sensors to enhancing Siri’s response to knowledge-seeking questions, and leading applied research in a machine-learning-focused lab. He has applied his expertise to diverse fields, from defense at Northrop Grumman and In-Q-Tel to technology at Apple. More recently, Yonas served as a Partner at Point72 Private Investments, where he led a team of technical specialists. 

My goal is to fuel innovation.

My mission is to empower founders by helping them build resilient systems, execute their transformative visions, and overcome the obstacles that impede their success. 

Defense tech demands versatility and adaptation.

Companies working at the intersection of imaginative tech and the mission-critical requirements of defense are asked to be flexible, agile, and outcome-focused. I’m passionate about helping founders navigate these challenges, providing advice from my firsthand experiences. 

Small talk cheat sheet: 

Trail running, travel, national parks/nature, and home improvement projects.