Point72 Ventures

Tripp Shriner


Stamford / New York

Tripp Shriner is the Managing Partner of Point72 Private Investments, the institutional private investing business of Point72 Asset Management. He oversees the Point72 Ventures business and co-leads the Fintech and Consumer investment teams. 

Tripp joined Point72 from City Light Capital, an early-stage venture capital firm, where he was a principal. Before City Light, he worked in JPMorgan’s Strategic Investments group. Tripp began his career working for JPMorgan’s investment bank. 

My research process starts with customer-driven thematic work.

We are principally top-down investors. We strive to identify the biggest trends, pain points and opportunities for innovation across the entire financial services ecosystem, and then look for the entrepreneurs best positioned to address them. 

I started my venture career in impact investing.

My first venture role was working with businesses that provided financial services to underserved populations in developing markets. I remain deeply passionate about working with companies striving to improve livelihoods by delivering more accessible, affordable financial services. 

This work is exciting.

Fintech is going through a generational transformation, and I get to spend my time working with founders with the ambition and risk appetite to build something that could help modernize an entire industry. 

Small talk cheat sheet:

1980’s comedy movies, early 90’s music, bad spy novels.