Point72 Ventures

Avi Gandhi


Los Angeles

Avi Gandhi is an Advisor to Point72 Ventures, supporting investments in the Consumer space with a focus on the Creator economy and digital media.

Over a 15-year career in digital media, Avi Gandhi pioneered Creator representation at Hollywood talent agency William Morris Endeavor, built an award-winning content production and management company for Jimmy Kimmel’s Wheelhouse, and led the Creator Partnerships team at Creator Economy unicorn Patreon

My mission is to empower yours.

My mission is to empower founders by helping them build the necessary infrastructure to succeed in the Creator economy. I’m passionate about helping founders of all backgrounds build lasting partnerships, execute on their vision, and remove the barriers challenging their success.

I don’t think there has ever been a more exciting time to create.

Having helped so many creators build their personal brands and showcase their talents, I’ve never been more excited at the opportunity we are looking at when it comes to the Creator economy. I believe founders looking towards this space have an incredible chance to develop amazing businesses that can showcase and elevate this emerging space.

Small talk cheat sheet:

Anime (especially, but not limited to, One Piece), video games (especially story-driven games), D&D, whisk(e)y, cocktails/mixology, dogs, babies