Point72 Ventures

Okeli Tuke


New York

Okeli Tuke is an Executive Assistant on the Platform Team at Point72 Private Investments.

Prior to her role with Point72 Private Investments, Okeli was an Administrative Assistant on the Market Intelligence Recruitment team.  She previously worked at Citadel as an Administrative Assistant and a Legal Assistant at Seton Hall Center for Social Justice.  

My educational background is in criminal justice.

I have a BA in forensic psychology and an MA in criminal justice. I’m fascinated by the disparities and limitations of our criminal justice system, but I also love the fast-paced nature of our ventures business. 

This job keeps me on my toes…

The fast-paced nature of Ventures and the people I work with have me excited for the future.  

…so I like to travel to unwind.

I’m the happiest when I’m on a beach. 

I will never eat Fugu (Puffer fish).

I don’t care if the chef “knows what they are doing.”