Point72 Ventures

Caitlin Lohrenz


San Francisco

Caitlin Lohrenz is an Associate on the Investment Team at Point72 Ventures. In her role, she works on Enterprise and AI (Artificial Intelligence) businesses with a focus on data and infrastructure software.  

Prior to joining Point72 Ventures, Caitlin was an Investment Banking Associate in the Technology, Media, and Telecom (TMT) group at Goldman Sachs where she focused on advising public and private software companies on M&A, debt, and equity financing. Prior to that, she worked as a Data Engineer at Tresata, an enterprise software startup.  

This is a watershed moment for enterprise technology  

I believe we are at a point where we will soon see the commercialization of years of innovation in the data analytics and infrastructure space across the largest enterprises. It is an exciting moment to witness and help facilitate.  

Meeting new people energizes me 

Meeting new people, discussing ideas, and solving business challenges together is the most exciting part of my job. I am a person who learns by doing, so encountering a new problem and finding innovative ways to address it is incredibly rewarding to me.  

Small talk cheat sheet:  

Philly sports teams, Golden Retrievers, Nachos.