Point72 Ventures

Brandon Huang


New York

Brandon is a Network Operations Manager on the Platform Team at Point72 Ventures. In this role, he builds products and leads initiatives that optimize how our teams and portfolio companies engage and grow our collective network.

Before joining Point72 Ventures, Brandon led Partnerships at Stytch and spent five years on the Business Operations and Growth teams at Plaid. He received his bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Columbia University.

We’re only as good as our network.

Our network being one of our most valuable assets doesn’t come as a given – it requires active work to constantly engage with founders, experts, and communities. I want to ensure that our portfolio companies are benefiting from the relationships we’ve built.

Startup and founder empathy is critical to success.

Having spent my career at startups and working with startup founders, I have grown to believe that operating with a startup mindset and understanding what it means to be a builder can contribute both to our own team’s success and the success of the portfolio companies we support.

My enneagram is a Type 9 (Peacemaker).

I tend to keep a level head, and I love building trust and finding common ground while exciting all stakeholders.

Small talk cheat sheet:

Rock climbing, film photography, climate change, urbanism.