Point72 Ventures

Alyssa DeFranco


New York

Alyssa is the Events Manager at Point72 Private Investments. 

Prior to joining Point72 Private Investments, Alyssa was the Operations & Events Manager for the Point72 Community Matters team and the Steve & Alexandra Cohen Foundation. 

Assume the birds eye view 

I always focus on the big picture of the task at hand, from the end goal to the starting point. I look at where I want to be, the overall goal, so I can map out the most efficient way to get there. Oftentimes, I’ve found that the approach is helpful in getting me to think outside the box about what I am doing and why. 

It’s all about the people 

I’m most excited about the people at Point72 Private Investments and being able to contribute to the mission. For events, collecting and assembling ‘the pieces’ that make a great event is the most rewarding part. I’m always laser focused on the dozen little things that need to come together perfectly to create a memorable experience. 

Small talk cheat sheet:

The three f’s: family, food, and fun.