Point72 Ventures

Cesar Lugo


San Francisco

Cesar Lugo is an IT Operations Engineer on the Platform Team, providing IT support to our West Coast offices. In this role, he considers abstract technological applications to meet each unique need of the team – allowing him to be quick, innovative, and creative.

Prior to joining the firm, Cesar held various IT roles at companies including AIG Trading Group, RBS, Basso Capital Management, Sempra Energy Trading, and Société Générale. 

End-user computing is constantly evolving.

In this field you must be fluid and open to always learning and adapting. Something new happens every day. 

The daily challenges of my job keep it interesting.

I’ve learned to be more vocal, to engage more with other parts of the business to get things done, and that Google is my friend. 

I will never skydive.

But travelling to Japan is on my bucket list. 

Small talk cheat sheet:

Weekend mechanics, tattoos, food, and showing thousands of pictures of my granddaughter.