Point72 Ventures

Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Point72, a global multi-strategy asset management firm.

Leveraging his lengthy career in the public markets, Steve founded Point72 Private Investments, which includes our global venture capital and growth equity strategies.

Steve bought the iconic New York Mets major league baseball team in 2020 and serves as Chairman and CEO of the team.

An avid philanthropist and entrepreneur, Steve has founded and holds active leadership roles in a number of nonprofit organizations, including the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation which he and his wife founded in 2001. The Cohen Foundation is committed to achieving lasting and meaningful change through commitments toward Lyme and tickborne disease research, underserved communities, children, the arts, and sustainability. Steve created the Cohen Veterans Network and Cohen Veterans Bioscience in 2015 to improve the mental healthcare, treatment, and quality of life for veterans and their families.

He also serves on the Emeritus Board of the Robin Hood Foundation and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) Board of Trustees.

The energy of today’s entrepreneurs is incredible.

I really enjoy meeting the founders of these startup companies.  They are passionate, knowledgeable and they have great ideas that could change the world. There’s a limitless potential in this industry that reminds me of the early days of the hedge fund industry. It’s exciting to be a part of that.

I have a lot of respect for people who are true experts in their field.

Whether it’s in the world of venture capital and startups, hedge funds, the arts, or baseball, I always enjoy having conversations with people that are truly experts and focused on mastering their craft – whatever it might be. I always tell new employees that if I started my career here today, I’d be like a kid in a candy store. People have a lot of knowledge to share, and I encourage our employees to soak it up and take advantage of all the interesting people here.

If you’re not learning new things, you’re going stale.

You can’t ever be complacent and rest on your laurels. The world is constantly changing, and to succeed in the long-run companies need to adapt and innovate ahead of that change.