Point72 Ventures

Andrew Park

Operating Partner


Andrew Park is a Business Manager at Point72 Private Investments, focusing on supporting growth-stage investments.  

Prior to joining Point72 Private Investments, Andrew was a product operations manager at Stripe, where he was responsible for bringing new products to market. Prior to Stripe, Andrew was an early employee at ActionIQ, a customer data platform. Before ActionIQ, Andrew built the partner engineering team at Yext. Andrew began his career by founding a startup and building three products – two failed iOS apps and a profitable burrito delivery service in San Diego. 

I know how to gather context quickly and how to ask the right questions  

As a former product manager, I had to understand what our customers needed before strategizing what our team should build next. Talking to users on almost a daily basis, enabled me to gain a strong understanding of our customers and empower my team to design and build the best products for our them. 

I love working on small teams that make an outsized impact.  

High velocity and quick feedback loops energize me. Having a range of experiences allows me to bring in knowledge and best practices from one discipline into another. It’s common for athletes or scientists to have breakthroughs in one area because of the experience they’ve gathered in another. I like to tackle new challenges the same way, drawing from different people, places, and experiences.  

Small talk cheat sheet:  

Golf, Snowboarding, Whiskey