Point72 Ventures

Kevin Berardinelli



Kevin Berardinelli is a member of the Platform Team at Point72 Private Investments, focused on driving performance through our people, processes, technology, and brand. 

Kevin joined Point72 Private Investments from Plaid, a fintech company based in San Francisco. Prior to Plaid, Kevin led portfolio management at In-Q-Tel, the strategic investment arm of the CIA and the U.S. Intelligence Community. In his role at In-Q-Tel, he was responsible for managing portfolio company relationships and ensuring the successful delivery of technology solutions to meet U.S. Intelligence Community needs. 

Our platform team is most valuable when working proactively.

We’re not just here to respond to requests, we are always learning, getting ahead of challenges, evolving our tools, and seeking improvements to help us hit our strategic goals. I love that there are always new challenges to overcome. 

The best work comes from original minds coming together.

I like finding opportunities to bring unexpected people together to execute on things jointly. You build trust, catalyze creativity, and the results are usually pretty impressive. 

My enneagram is a Type 2 (Helper) and Type 3 (Achiever).

Put simply: I love fulfilling work and making work fulfilling for others. 

Small talk cheat sheet:

Winding career paths, 90s music, painting, camping, gardening, funny product ideas — where can I get a shirt with 100s of buttons, or a massive dispenser of dental floss?