Point72 Ventures

Johanan “Joj” Ottensooser

Operating Partner

San Francisco

Johanan Ottensooser (goes by “Joj”) is an Operating Partner at Point72 Ventures, supporting investment activities and working alongside our Enterprise portfolio companies to provide insights on the state of the market, the state of solutions and product market fit.  

Prior to joining Point72 Ventures, Joj worked at Nike as a Senior Technical Product Manager in Data Technology and at Datalogue across Sales, Customer Success and Product. Before that, he worked as a solicitor at King & Wood Mallesons where he advised financial institutions, exchanges, clearinghouses and regulators on blockchain and other financial technologies. 

My area of expertise is product and market discovery.  

Listening, building relationships and meeting the user where they are gives you the best possible chance of learning about the market they are in.  

I want to be where the action is. 

I’m excited about constantly learning from the smartest folks in the field, getting my hands dirty and stepping into the customer’s shoes. 

Small talk cheat sheet:  

Contemporary art, science fiction and science in general.