Point72 Ventures

Rani Kubersky


New York

Rani Kubersky is an Associate on the Investment Team at Point72 Ventures. In her role, she works on Enterprise businesses with a focus on developer tools and infrastructure.  

Prior to joining Point72 Ventures, Rani interned at Primary Venture Partners and Work-Bench while earning her MBA at NYU’s Stern School of Business. While at NYU, Rani co-led the Private Equity and Venture Capital Club and was a venture fellow at Rough Draft Ventures. Before business school, she was a research associate at fintech startup EquityZen and investment banking analyst at Raymond James.  

I’m interested in investing in developer tools and infrastructure  

I get excited about technical teams who can build open-source communities with paths toward commercialization. 

Meeting passionate people excites me 

When I partner with founders, I like to think creatively about ways that I can support them: identifying and iterating on positioning for customer calls, leveraging open-source traction to commercialize, supporting with hiring, and more. 

I dive deep 

I gravitate toward thematic research, going incredibly deep in an area and then surfacing the smartest folks in the space.  

I am happiest: 

At my local farmer’s market! 

Small talk cheat sheet:

Fashion, Brooklyn Nets, Matcha