Point72 Ventures

Chris Jackson


Stamford / New York

Chris Jackson is the Chief Operating Officer for Point72 Private Investments, the holding company of Point72 Ventures. He is focused on improving the group’s financial and operational infrastructure, which includes financial and strategic planning, valuations, reporting, and internal policies and procedures. 

Prior to his role with Point72 Private Investments, Chris was the Executive Officer for Point72’s Market Intelligence and Point72 Ventures teams for two years. Prior to that, he was an Executive Officer for the firm’s Long/Short Equities business and the Head of Finance Analytics for Point72.  

Earlier in his career, Chris was a manager at Ernst & Young Consulting and worked on their Credit Risk and Capital Management team. There, he focused on helping bulge bracket investment banks navigate post-financial crisis regulatory reform.  

We have a massive opportunity here to shape and create.

We are surrounded by extremely talented forward-thinkers, and our job is to help our teams and our founders grow the next great company. We have an incredible mix of talent and resources. That’s exciting. 

I believe in transparency.

Encouraging directness and for people to share opinions – especially contrarian ones – allows for progress to be achieved much faster, especially in a growing organization. 

I’m a little competitive.

I played a lot of team sports growing up, which helped awaken my competitive drive. I want my team to win. My job is to put our organization in the position to do so every day; it’s what is constantly on my mind. 

Small talk cheat sheet:

Sports analytics, Mets baseball, golf, sci-fi movies, appetizers.