Point72 Ventures

Carly McHugh

Operating Partner

New York

Carly is a Business Manager on the Artificial Intelligence team at Point72 Ventures. In her role she leads key business-building projects, oversees task and performance management, orchestrates portfolio support activities, and ensures we’re delivering a delightful experience to our founders, partners, and colleagues.

Before joining Point72 Ventures, Carly spent almost four years on the recruiting team at Point72 where she sourced and closed dozens of new hires for the firm, including many across the Point72 Ventures team.

It’s a people business.

I believe our founders, network, and colleagues are our most important asset, and that understanding and supporting the people we’re working with is how we collectively succeed. Coming from HR/Recruiting, I have a very people-centric mindset, which translates well into my role here: I prioritize solutions that help our people do meaningful work.

Step outside your comfort zone.

You’re not growing when you’re comfortable. I love learning new things and surrounding myself with diversity of thought. Don’t be afraid to try something new — failure can be a great catalyst for growth.

I’m a loyalist.

My enneagram is a Type 6 (Loyalist). We’re dependable, honest, and love building strong, stable relationships with others.

Small talk cheat sheet:

New York Rangers, Taylor Ham vs. Pork Roll (team Taylor Ham!), reading, snowboarding, and travel.