Point72 Ventures

Carolyn Partsch



Carolyn Partsch is an Executive Assistant on the Platform Team at Point72 Ventures. 

Prior to joining Point72 Ventures, Carolyn worked at U.S. Bank for over 10 years in various roles, most recently supporting the Leader in Retail Banking for Washington State.   

I strive to go the extra mile 

Making a team more efficient and helping people do their best work is what motivates me. I enjoy digging into a team’s processes, their style of communication and identifying how my work can benefit them.  

Thinking outside the box is what I do best  

People come to me when they encounter obstacles or have a question. Even if I might not know the answer right away, I will follow through and think outside the box to find a solution. The people I work with know they can depend on me – I want to see the team around me succeed and want my role to be an integral part in them doing so.  

Small talk cheat sheet: 

Squid fishing, my family and board games.