Point72 Ventures

Brett Kernan


New York

Brett Kernan is an Advisor to Point72 Ventures, supporting investments in the consumer space with a focus on the nexus of AI and media, and value additive partnerships. 

Brett was the first employee at Splice, a music technology platform founded in 2013. During his seven years at the company, Brett helped pioneer monetization opportunities for creators and establish a new standard in making music. He also co-founded Wave7, an investment and advisory group alongside other music executives.

Culture and innovation go hand in hand. 

Bridging the gap between leaders of culture and emerging technology is where I thrive. I believe that every winning idea has a perfect partner to amplify it.

I admire founders who work in the consumer trenches.

Who else truly lives and dies by their customers and target market? Building in the consumer space can be like hand to hand combat where decisions and impact can happen the fastest. I love playing a small part in the fight for a new paradigm. At the end of the day, that founder is building something for all of us, the consumers.

Small talk cheat sheet:

Navigating a music festival, padel vs. pickleball & 90s movies.