Point72 Ventures

Meena Cruz


San Francisco

Meena Cruz is an Executive Assistant on the Platform Team at Point72 Ventures. 

Prior to joining Point72 Ventures, Meena was an Executive Assistant at KKR for over ten years, supporting various Private Equity Investment Professionals. She also supported the CEO of Wealth Architects. 

Efficiency and performance are often linked.

The most efficient people I’ve met are also some of the highest performers. I contribute by managing time, schedules and juggling priorities to maximize everyone’s productivity. I love working behind-the-scenes to elevate our team’s success. 

Being on the Platform team, I get to work with everyone.

Thoroughness and attention to detail are a big part of my role. My team knows I will go above and beyond every time, do my own research, check with multiple sources and make everything align for all stakeholders. My team’s success is a reflection on me, so ensuring they are receiving high level support is my main priority.  

Bugs are not food.

I am already a picky eater, so there is no way I am eating bugs. How did this even become a thing? Why? Why? Why?  

Small talk cheat sheet:

True crime cases, conspiracy theories, beagles and dessert!