Point72 Ventures

Wyeth Coulter


New York

Wyeth is an Associate on the Investment Team at Point72 Ventures, focused on fintech businesses. 

Wyeth joined Point72 Ventures from K5, an investment firm in Los Angeles, where he focused on incubations and early- and growth-stage companies. At K5, Wyeth worked as a generalist, exploring opportunities across industries and sectors. Prior to K5, he worked on Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign. 

I’m excited about the constant digitization of our everyday world. 

Every day it feels to me like new advancements in technology are changing the world, impacting everything from how we can represent ourselves online to the powers we have access to through our keyboards. It is important to have a finger on the pulse of what is next in how we live and interact. 

I love to connect with people smarter than me on various subjects to ensure I keep learning. 

It sounds cliché, but I love meeting new people, and that’s my favorite part of the work I do. I’ve made the mistake before of not asking enough questions. I’ve learned that everyone else is learning, too. 

I try to learn something new about the world every day. 

My Enneagram type is The Helper; I love to prop up the people around me. 

Small talk cheat sheet: 

Dogs and anything pet-related, travel, new tech, finding the best burrito in New York City, and internet trends.