Point72 Ventures

Eric Rachmel


San Francisco

Eric is an Advisor to the Point72 Ventures Fintech team.

Eric was the founder and CEO at Brace (acquired in 2023), a mortgage servicing technology company with customers that included banks and non-bank mortgage servicers in the U.S. Prior to founding Brace, Eric was a venture investor with Industry Ventures and Propel Venture Partners. Earlier in his career, Eric developed his investment banking know-how at Financial Technology Partners.

Don’t forget about distribution.

No matter how much founders love their product, if they don’t have a sound distribution strategy, nobody will know about it. In my experience, how customers learn and discover a product is just as important as the product itself. It’s my goal to make sure both elements, fantastic product and well-thought-out distribution, come together in harmony for our founders and their companies.

Go after the hard and unglamorous things.

My approach has always been to try to bring innovation to the world in areas that others are overlooking—when I do the work, sometimes the most mundane things can be fascinating. I enjoy working with founders helping to better understand what the big obstacles are for them and how to creatively work towards milestones that may seem farfetched. I’m a big believer in grit being a huge value pillar to success.

Small talk cheat sheet:

Concerts, sports, rambunctious dogs and children, unique travel.