Point72 Ventures

Pete Casella

Senior Advisor

New York

Pete Casella is a Senior Advisor to Point72 Ventures. He represents Point72 Ventures as a board member for certain portfolio companies including GenTwo, DriveWealth, Contabilizei and 24 Exchange and was previously a Partner on the Point72 Ventures Fintech team.

Prior to joining Point72 to build the Venture Capital business, Pete spent 13 years specializing in fintech venture capital for JPMorgan Chase Strategic Investments, Credit Suisse Principal Investments, and FTV Capital. 

Pete started his career in Investment Banking at JPMorgan, followed by Corporate Strategy for JPMorgan Asset Management. 

We expect a complete transformation in how financial products are manufactured, distributed and consumed.

The technical innovations of the past several years have set the stage for the next decade, during which they will transform the way people and businesses interact with the financial services industry.  

Listening to customers first sparks the most effective idea generation.

The end users almost always lead us to the problems that most need to be solved.  

Inspiration is everywhere.

The closest areas to my heart are music, architecture, interior design, incredible food, and a few really special places that I’ve come to love in my travels. 

I’m the happiest when I’m dancing to an amazing DJ or a live band.

I’m living my bucket list every day. Life is short so I try to go after all of it. Next up: building a house in the jungle someday soon.