Point72 Ventures

Ishan Sinha


New York

Ishan Sinha is a Partner on the Investment Team at Point72 Ventures, where he co-leads consumer investing.

Prior to his role with Point72 Ventures, Ishan was a Long/Short Analyst at Point72, an investor at Human Capital, where he was focused on fintech and consumer investments, and an investment banker at Goldman Sachs.

I’ve been lucky enough to wear many hats at Point72.

I initially spent 5 years on the fintech team, where I mainly focused on consumer and emerging markets investments. That’s where I developed my love for consumer-facing businesses. Studying consumer businesses allows me to do things that I love, like diving into data and thinking critically about human psychology and behavior.

My upbringing and social circle have allowed me to experience unique consumer challenges.

I grew up very internationally. On top of that, my friends work in all sorts of different (and interesting) fields, and I get to learn about how their roles shape human behavior. I think this diversity of thought and experiences helps me in my role as a consumer investor where I need to spend time thinking about pain points in everyday human life.

I play the guitar to unwind.

I’ve been playing the guitar since I was in the fourth grade and own Charvel, Kramer, Gibson, Strandberg, Fender, and D’Angelico guitars. A ticket to my heart is a conversation with a fellow guitarist about anything from Pink Floyd to Polyphia!

Small talk cheat sheet:

The New England Patriots, rescue dogs, and travel!