Point72 Ventures

Jess Fiegleman


New York

Jess is the Head of Proprietary Research at Point72 Private Investments. In her role, she is responsible for integrating the hedge funds’ research capabilities and establishing systems designed to elevate the private investing workflow. She is focused on arming Point72 Private Investment’s investors with a toolkit that creates leverage to focus on the most important tasks, such as meeting visionary founders. 

Prior to joining Point72 Private Investments, Jess led Market Intelligence’s Growth & Strategic Partnerships Team at Point72 where she was responsible for assessing the viability of new business initiatives and expanding Market Intelligence’s footprint within the firm.  

The most important part of my research process is grit. 

Building a research platform that is enduring, flexible, robust and constantly provides leverage to investors requires an unrelenting commitment to innovation. 

This is my dream job! 

I get to collaborate with the brightest minds in the industry to attack a broad array of research questions. I love developing expertise in new areas and creating research solutions that give our investors a unique edge. 

Fail fast. 

Any time you are breaking new ground it’s fraught with failure, so don’t beat yourself up about it. Fail fast and move on to the next task, especially if you feel what you are doing is important. 

Small talk cheat sheet: 

All things New York, 90’s music, fitness, travel, self-development.