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Sri Chandrasekar is the Managing Partner of Point72 Private Investments, the institutional private investing business of Point72 Asset Management. He oversees the Point72 Ventures business, leads the Artificial Intelligence investment team, and co-leads the Consumer investment team.

Sri joined Point72 from In-Q-Tel, the strategic investment arm of the CIA and the U.S. Intelligence Community. At In-Q-Tel, Sri led Lab41, an AI-focused lab that built and delivered solutions to some of the intelligence community’s toughest problems. Before Lab41, Sri led the Analytics practice at In-Q-Tel, a role in which he was responsible for setting the investment priorities for a team of technical investment professionals. Prior to In-Q-Tel, Sri spent nearly a decade designing and building communication systems for the military at BAE Systems. 

I think AI will be responsible for a second Industrial Revolution.

It’s going to increase efficiency for knowledge workers the way steam engines did for factory workers. I get excited about the potential of the technology to change dozens of industries and the way people interact with their jobs. 

Talking to people is the most important part of my research process.

I find that I learn a lot more in a 30minute conversation than I can in weeks of reading. You get context and expertise you don’t get anywhere else. 

Learning is something that I never get tired of.

Being a VC is the ultimate career opportunity for me. It requires you to remain intellectually agile and enables you to constantly learn. I love hearing about new industries and ideas, and going down the rabbit hole of conversations, reading, and video watching that follows as I try to learn more.  

Small talk cheat sheet:

NBA Basketball, home coffee roasting, woodworking, deeply-researched technology purchases. 

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