Point72 Ventures

Jeffrey Lu



Jeff Lu is a Vice President on the Investment Team at Point72 Ventures, focused on partnering with best-in-class growth-stage technology companies. 

Prior to joining Point72 Ventures, Jeff was an investor at North Island, where he invested as a generalist across industries and asset classes. Before North Island, he was on the corporate development team at Andreessen Horowitz, where he worked on strategic projects for portfolio companies and invested in late-stage technology companies. Jeff started his career in technology investment banking at Centerview Partners and Barclays.  

We are still in the early innings of a great revolution in enterprise IT.

We are currently living through one of the greatest upheavals in the history of technology driven by the shift of enterprise workloads to the cloud, the proliferation of SaaS, the normalization of remote work, and the rise of enterprise AI/ML. Many of these trends have been talked about for years, but the amount of manual work and entrenched legacy technologies still being used is staggering. 

Investing requires conviction, but even the strongest convictions need to be dropped in the face of contrary evidence. 

It’s human nature to only listen to confirmatory perspectives, but it’s important to seek out and take dissenting opinions into consideration to make sure that you’re not missing anything crucial.  

Small talk cheat sheet: 

Formula 1, classical music, true crime documentaries and detective shows.