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Deep expertise builds deep tech

When frontier technology moves from research to reality, it can transform the world.

Our Deep Tech team specializes in partnerships with businesses that are bringing groundbreaking ideas to market across a spectrum of applications.

Deep Tech

Next-gen manufacturing is the new industrial revolution

Advances in technologies like 3D printing, automation, and machine learning are helping companies reimagine the manufacturing of everything from circuit boards to sofas. We believe next-generation manufacturing companies will differentiate on speed, price, and flexibility, and remake how we make everything. Read More

Deep Tech

Robotics can save lives, time and money

Why should human beings be handling the most dangerous, laborious, and mundane physical tasks? In warehouses, factories, and construction sites, technology advances are enabling robots to handle increasingly varied jobs, freeing people to do the thoughtful work that robots can’t. Read More

Deep Tech

Model-driven businesses will out-compete and over-deliver

Businesses with machine learning models integrated into key processes can amplify the productivity and quality of their human workers. Now, customer service agents can do superior real-time translation, fleet drivers can make better decisions, and doctors can better anticipate patient outcomes. Read More