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Meet the new Point72 Ventures Partners: Tara Stokes

We are thrilled to announce the recent promotions of Tara Stokes, Chris Morales, Sugam Sarin, and Ishan Sinha to Partners at Point72 Ventures. Each of them plays instrumental roles in leading Point72 Ventures investing in their respective fields of AI, Defense Tech, Fintech, and Consumer. We caught up with them for a conversation about their career journey, their vision for their sectors, and how they plan to continue supporting innovation and founders in their new role.

  • To start, can you share a brief overview of your career journey leading up to Point72 Ventures?

I started my career at Morgan Stanley in New York as an equity trader focused on technology, media, and telecom, then as an Associate in the Investment Banking Division. Very different routines, responsibilities, and even elevator banks – but I was fortunate to have great mentorship across the firm.

Then, I headed west to attend the Stanford Graduate School of Business and completed internships in management consulting and growth equity. After graduation, I joined Point72 Ventures to work with our Managing Partners Sri Chandrasekar and Dan Gwak on the AI investment team.

  • What sets Point72 Ventures apart from other firms and what has your experience been working here so far?

The velocity and the intentionality of our business has been remarkable. We’ve not only doubled in size since I joined, but there’s a collective sense of ownership. It drives a collaborative, competitive spirit where we’re all aspiring to be the best players and coaches.

  • What is your area of expertise and what are some of the key trends you are currently observing that excite you?

I lead the firm’s investments in artificial intelligence and machine learning companies. In practice, I spend a lot of my time in vertical software – especially with teams working to unleash the latest technological breakthroughs in traditional industries. I’m always excited to work with well-rounded teams designing interactive, persona-specific products and platforms.

  • Can you share an example of a project or deal that you’re particularly proud of?

That’s like picking a favorite child! I am particularly proud of our process, and one illustrative example jumps to mind. Our team was conducting network conversations as part of our generative text thematic, and we were kindly introduced by a San Francisco based founder to Adam and Devang in London. They were tinkering with ideas, and we shared our thematic work with them. The timing was perfect, and we immediately began jamming on business opportunities. The Glyphic team is a great example of our exceptional community and network’s commitment to ‘doing the work.’

  • What is your approach to identifying and supporting promising startups in the AI space?

There is a lot of noise, especially in AI. To stay disciplined, I’m constantly iterating on my own frameworks – a skillset I honed as a Public Policy and Economics student at Duke.

I also played D1 collegiate lacrosse and was taught to get your heels to the sideline in order to see the whole field. In investing, I try to do the same for markets, technologies, defensibility, etc. – but ultimately, I get to conviction on people. That foundation is critical as founders rely on us to be available for trusted advice.

  • Finally, what advice would you give to someone who is aspiring to work in venture capital?

It’s a career based on constant learning and meeting remarkable individuals. Find ways to demonstrate your intellectual curiosity, genuine passion, and hustle, as that’s what will compel others to help you succeed.

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