Point72 Ventures

Ting Ting Liu

Investment Team

Silicon Valley / San Francisco

Ting Ting is a member of the Investment Team at Point72 Ventures, focused on early-stage enterprise and deep tech businesses. 

Ting Ting joined Point72 from Nautilus Venture Partners, a Palo Alto-based start-up fund backed by some of the largest Asian technology companies. As one of the first hires, she helped implement the end-to-end investment process for their first two funds and grow their portfolio to over 25 companies. She focused on investments in a wide range of enterprise areas, including AI and computer vision, big data infrastructure and analytics, collaboration software, semiconductors, and IOT. 

Prior to Nautilus, Ting Ting was an investment consultant at Cambridge Associates in London and San Francisco, where she primarily advised clients across the US, Europe and Middle East on their private equity and venture capital fund portfolios.  

Enterprise infrastructure is the behind-the-scenes foundation on which all businesses are built.

Cloud, enormous compute power, mobile devices, IOT and the explosion of data have laid the groundwork for digital transformation in every industry.  

We will unlock so much human progress by enabling developers and their organizations to generate, analyze, and better protect their data, so that they can build better products, better serve their customers, and make new discoveries. 

People and their stories are what make great businesses.

The most important part of my research process is understanding the founding team and identifying the right people to work with. I deeply appreciate the journey, not just the destination. 

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