Point72 Ventures

Sunny Parikh

Operating Partner

New York

Sunny Parikh is an Operating Partner at Point72 Ventures, focusing on investments and portfolio company growth, and leading our network strategy. In this role, he regularly engages with executives at leading financial institutions and fintech companies to identify industry trends and themes and provide collaboration opportunities. 

Prior to joining Point72 Ventures, Sunny was SVP at the Partnership Fund for NYC and led the Fintech Innovation Lab. In that capacity, he brought together over 40 financial institutions annually to partner with fintech and insurtech companies solving common challenges. Prior to joining Partnership Fund for NYC, Sunny led business development at RedVision, a real estate technology company. 

Previously, Sunny was part of the investment team at Updata Partners, focusing on growth-equity technology companies. Sunny began his career as an Investment Banker at ThinkEquity Partners. 

Understanding customers powers the flywheel

I partner with executives across banks, fintech firms, payment companies, corporates, and ecommerce companies to understand their needs and drive our thematic research. As I seek out and meet innovative startups addressing those needs, I share those back with our partners and provide startups an opportunity to collaborate. Through the process, I get the privilege of learning from the brightest minds and investing in founders passionate about solving big problems.

Learning from diverse voices provides perspective

Having lived in Thailand and across various cities in India and the US, I recognize the value of diverse voices and seek it out whenever possible. Continuing to learn from them helps shape my perspective personally and professionally. It also provides an opportunity to identify often overlooked investment themes in the US and emerging markets.

Strangers are friends I haven’t met yet

I have found investing my time to build a community of friends across the world to be incredibly rewarding. As a result, I approach the concept of strangers as friends that I have yet to meet and am energized by each new interaction.

Small talk cheat sheet:

New York City, rooftops, music, tennis, and fintech