Point72 Ventures

Joe Pak

San Francisco

Joe Pak is a member of the Investment team at Point72 Ventures. In this role, he is focused on deep thematic research in areas such as natural language processing, computer vision, and general machine learning.

Prior to joining Point72, Joe was a product manager at Samsara, an IoT technology company backed by Andreessen Horowitz and General Catalyst, where he led initiatives to build enterprise API products and establish a technology ecosystem of over 50 different product integrations. Before Samsara, he worked at FiscalNote, where he served in various roles including product management, corporate development, and business operations.

I’ve built, developed, and launched machine learning products as a Product Manager.

Applying state-of-the-art technology like natural language processing, computer vision, and general machine learning to real world problems has been a focus of mine for the past few years. I really enjoy being able to dive deep into many different industries to assess product-market-fit and find that talking to prospective or existing customers reveals a lot about a business.

The next big winners will make humans more powerful.

While there have been significant technological advances over the past decade, we are still in the early innings of the integration of AI and machine learning (ML) into businesses. I think the next big winners in this space are going to be the ones that develop ML-augmented interfaces to make humans superhuman.

People make decisions all the time with imperfect data.

Building conviction takes a lot of research and a lot of gut.

My personality type is ENTJ (Commander).

My natural tendency is to lead. I’ve learned over the years that truly great leaders are able to mold themselves to get the best out of a team.