Point72 Ventures

Ivy Nguyen

Investment Team

Silicon Valley / San Francisco

Ivy Nguyen is a member of the Investment Team at Point72 Ventures. In this role, she invests in model-driven businesses applying artificial intelligence to solve problems in manufacturing, healthcare services, media and other areas that traditional software could not tackle. 

Prior to joining Point72, Ivy was an Accelerator Program Manager at Imagine H2O and an investor at NewGen Capital and Zetta Venture Partners. During her career, Ivy has been named to Forbes’ 30 under 30 in Venture Capital, joined the Steering Committee for First Republic Bank Rising Stars in VC, and has been published in TechCrunch and VentureBeat. 

Ivy is originally from Ba Ria, Vietnam. In college she was the Managing News Editor of the Stanford Daily and currently runs AI-ROI.com, a collection of playbooks for startup founders to build AI model-driven businesses. 

I’m good at making physical things efficiently.

That includes cooking, knitting and manufacturing. I’m excited about how sensors and AI can help us “remember” every single thing we’ve made in the past, so the next one is made a bit better. 

The makers and doers are the best teachers.

The most important part of my research process is talking to the people who actually do the work, use the tools, make the “thing.” 

Aiding the innovators is the best part of my job.

Unlocking leverage for the incredible people I meet who are on a mission to shake things up in the world excites me.  

Small-talk cheat sheet:

All things healthcare, animals, celebrity gossip, food and cooking.