Point72 Ventures

Arjo Mozumder

Investment Team

San Francisco Bay Area

Arjo Mozumder is a member of the Investment Team at Point72 Ventures. He is responsible for sourcing, diligence, and execution on artificial intelligence investments. Arjo focuses broadly on automation across a number of fields, especially emerging applications of computer vision, NLP, and robotics.

Prior to joining Point72 Ventures, Arjo was working on AI startups in Austin and founded Convergent, a cross-disciplinary innovation non-profit.

We’re advancing the work done in AI and automation.

Enhancing the physical economy – like construction, logistics, manufacturing, etc – through AI can have a macroeconomic impact, while also improving the quality of our own daily lives.

Small talk cheat sheet:

Music Composition, Architecture, Sci-Fi, History (ancient and 20th Century)

My Enneagram personality type is the ‘Reformer’.

Which means I have a “sense of mission to improve the world in various ways.” I like the description, but seeing Mahatma Gandhi and Joan of Arc as famous examples makes me seriously question the validity of this test.

Before I die, I’d like to touch the moon.

Even if it has to be through a spacesuit.