Anvilogic’s SOC Content Platform provides streaming content (threat detection rules, algorithms) and a framework-led, code-less content-builder environment to accelerate the development of high-quality content by SOC teams.


Armorblox is using NLU to provide a new way to intelligently detect, alert, and protect against identity-related attacks and data loss. Enterprises use Armorblox to automatically create and adapt policies, continuously measure risk exposure, and reduce alert fatigue.


BluBracket is a provider of cybersecurity services designed to combat threats spanning software to multi-cloud infrastructure of all industry segments.


Fylamynt allows cloud engineering teams to build, run and analyze automation workflows securely for any cloud with little to no code.


Privacera’s mission is to help our customers maximize the value of their data by providing a comprehensive data governance and security platform that works across all cloud and on-premises data services so enterprises can analyze all their data consistently and transparently


Toro is a data quality monitoring platform that uses automation to help data teams proactively detect and resolve issues in complex data models.”

Unravel Data

Unravel Data is the leader in application performance management (APM) for big data applications, making sure that mission-critical data-driven applications and machine learning models are reliable, optimized, and secure.